Two Iranian titles win at Amsterdam Film Festival

Short Film News (SFN)- The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) has honored two Iranian movies with three awards.

‘Radiograph of a Family’, by Firuzeh Khosrovani, won the IDFA Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary, in addition to an award for best creative use of the archive.

‘Shadegan’, directed by Ako Salemi, won the Best Children’s Documentary award at the event.

‘Radiograph of a Family is literally an X-ray of a family, reads the synopsis of the film. The film is a co-production of Iran, Norway and Switzerland.

‘Shadegan’ portrays 12-year-old Milad on a golden morning, while sailing out across the Shadegan Wetlands in Khuzestan, a province in southwestern Iran. He skillfully guides his slender boat over vast expanses of water, past untidy villages on the bank and swaying reeds. A dog ambles along the water’s edge, a cock crows in the distance.

IDFA, which opened on November 18, will be running online until December 6.

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