Undo By: Majed Neisi

Cinema du réel Announces Films in Competition

Short Film News (SFN)- The 39th edition of Cinema du réel unveils its films in competition.

43 films within 4 competitive sections, including 30 world premiere, 3 international premieres, 2 european premieres, selected among more than 2,800 films submitted this year, from 135 countries.


A Strange New Beauty Shelly Silver (50‘, USA) // World premiere

A Yangtze Landscape (Changjiang) Xu Xin (156‘, China) // World premiere

Ghost Hunting (Istiyad Ashbah) Raed Andoni (92‘, Palestine / France / Switzerland)

In the Intense Now (No intenso agora) João Moreira Salles (127‘, Brazil)

Mama Colonel (Maman Colonelle) Dieudo Hamadi (72‘, Democratic Republic of the Congo)

Martírio Vincent Carelli, Tita (Tatiana Almeida), Ernesto de Carvalho (162‘, Brazil) // European premiere

Memory Exercices (Ejercicios de memoria) Paz Encina (72‘, Argentina / Paraguay / Germany / France)

Obscure Light (Luz Obscura) Susana de Sousa Dias (76‘, Portugal) // World premiere

Paris Is a Moveable Feast - A Film in 18 Waves (Paris est une fête - un film en 18 vagues) Sylvain George (94‘, France) // World premiere

Postcards from the Verge Sebastian Mez (72‘, Germany) // World premiere

We the Workers (Xiongnian zhipan) Huang Wenhai (174‘, China)



Boli Bana Simon Coulibaly Gillard (41‘, Belgium)

Casa Roshell Camila José Donoso (71‘, Mexico, Chile)

Children of Beirut (Wlad Beyrut) Sarah Srage (59‘, France) // World premiere

Wall (Hakir) Moran Ifergan (67’, Israel) // World premiere

Lone Existence (Du zi cun zai) Sha Qing (77‘, China) // World premiere

On the Edge of Life (Ala Hafet Al-Hayat) Yaser Kassab (44’, Syria) // World premiere

Pagans (Pagani) Elisa Flaminia Inno (54‘, Italy) // International premiere

Together (Juntas) Laura Martínez Duque, Nadina Marquisio (70‘, Argentina) // World premiere

Vetal Nagri Léandre Bernard-Brunel (53‘, France) // World premiere

Vote Off Fayçal Hammoum (82‘, Algeria) // World premiere



115DB Lucile Chaufour (40‘, France) // World premiere

Alazeef Saif Alsaegh (21’, USA) // European premiere

The Brick House Eliane Esther Bots (15’, Netherlands) // International premiere

Duel (Duelo) Alejandro Alonso (12‘, Cuba) // World premiere

Now he's out in public and everyone can see Natalie Bookchin (24‘, USA) // World premiere

Nyo Vweta Nafta Ico Costa (21‘, Portugal, Mozambique)

Orfeo Isabelle Pagliai (14‘, France) // World premiere

People Pebble Jivko Darakchiev, Perrine Gamot (18‘, UK, France) // World premiere

Tepantar Pierre Michelon (28‘, France) // World premiere

Through the looking glass Yi Cui (14‘, China) // World premiere

Undo Majed Neisi (39‘, Iran) // International premiere

Whipping Zombie Yuri Ancarani (30’, Italy)

The 39th edition of Cinema du réel runs March 24-April 2 2017 in France, for more information visit festival's website :www.cinemadureel.org

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