Didor Fest Award Winners Announced

Short Film News (SFN)- In the evening of October 16 the Fourth International Film Festival Didor summed up its conclusions.

The closing ceremony of the festival was specially timed to coincide with this date - the day of Tajik cinema.

The screens of the film festival have shown a total of 65 films, including 15 full-length feature films, 16 short films and 34 documentaries. These films were shown in different thematic programs. But the main event of the festival was the international competition, which was included 11 full-length feature films and  10 short feature films from Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Georgia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Russia , Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The evaluation of the competing films was done by the International jury, chaired by the eminent film director from Iran Mr. Kamran Shirdel, and also jury organizations promoting Asian cinema (NETPAK). Film critics from Tajikistan also took part in the evaluation of the competition program.

As a result, two special prizes of Rukhom were awarded to the film from Tajikistan, Let it be a dream (directed by G. Muhabbatova and D. Rakhmatov) and the Georgian film The other bank (directed by G. Ovashvili).

Film critics from Tajikistan awarded their prize to the Russian film The Son (directed by L. Sadilova).
NETPAK jury considered the best film of the festival of the Georgian film The other bank (directed by G. Ovashvili).

Awards of the International Jury were allocated as follows:

Swiss special Prix of Jury for the best director was awarded to Majid Barzegar for the film The rainy season, Iran, with the following wording:" The jury appreciated the director’s delicate and creative insight into the life of urban middle class youth in Iran”.

Swiss Grand Prix for the best short feature film at IFF “Didor” was awarded to the film One way directed by Basir Sangi, Afghanistan, “For the professional and talented depiction of the actual problem of the religious fanatism.”

Swiss Grand Prix for the best full-length feature film at IFF "Didor" was awarded to the film Svet-Ake, directed by Aktan Arim Kubat, Kyrgyzstan, “For the form standing of the director for the values of human dignity in the times of the national crisis.”

Swiss awards for their contribution to world cinema were given to directors Mayram Yusupova (Tajikistan-Russia), Ali Hamraev (Uzbekistan-Tajikistan-Russia), Komron Sherdil (Iran).

With the special opinion of the International Jury the Diploma of IFF Didor was awarded to the Russian actor Viktor Sukhorukov for his excellent performance of the role of a father in the film Sonny (directed by L. Sadilova).

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