Two Iranian Films in Palm Springs Festival

Short Film News (SFN)- Two Iranian films are going to be shown in the 13th edition of Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films.

This is the most important short film event in the United States and is going to be held from August 23rd 2007.

Mashdi'e Misfortunes by Shahram Mirab Aqdi and Noise by Babak Minaqi are the Iranian films in this festival. 

In This year's festival, 332 films in five subjective programs are going to be shown.

It is announced that there would be a special program with Bill Plympton, the animator, and John Dahl, a famous American filmmaker during this event.

Also there would be some Panels during this event with the subjects such as: How to Craft a Pitch, Panavision Presents How to Talk to the Big Guys When You're a Little Guy, and Hyping Yourself: How to Get Noticed Without Hiring a Publicist.  

Some other famous faces in this year's festival are Jennifer Aniston and Bryce Dallas who are going to participate in the festival with their first short films.

Room 10 by Aniston and Orchids by Howard are in Palm Springs in addition to Club Soda starring James Gandolfini and Lou Gossett Jr., The Audition starring Patrick Stewart, Love is Love starring Margaret Cho and Jane Lynch, and Waiting for Yvette starring Wendy Malick.

The opening night would be on August 23rd where major award winners from key film festivals and important events around the world such as Contact from the Netherlands and Everything Will Be OK from the U.S will be featured on screen.

Palm Spring International Festival of Short Films is going to be held from 23 - 29 August 2007 in the United States.

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