SFN INTERVIEW/MOTELx co-director, Pedro Souto

Marjan Riahi - SFN: Pedro Souto is the co-director of MOTELx Festival who established the first horror films Festival together with his young friends in Portugal. The genre, firstly, reminds Hollywood but, of course, it brings some of the most famous cinema masters to our minds as well. MOTELx is a non-competitive event which tries to show different view points of filmmakers from different parts of the world on this genre. Souto says, he and his colleagues are not interested in adding a competition section to the festival and the film selection and the festive aspect of the festival is of great importance for them. Short films have important position in this festival and also there is a section in which the documentary films about horror genre are going to be screened. In this interview, Souto tells us about his and other festival organizers viewpoints, programs, and also the goals and the aspirations of the organizer team.